Globrix Bans The Little House Company

One of the UK's most popular property search web sites Globrix has banned private sales website The Little House Company from listing its properties after promoting them for over a year. The private sales website which has been listing consumer’s homes since 2000 fears that Globrix may be joining in on restrictive practices.

Launched in 2008 in partnership with News International, Globrix state that it lists more UK properties to buy or rent than any other property site. It has done this my launching technology which can automatically takes properties from all popular web sites sometimes without the web sites permission.

The Little House Company noticed back on 5th December 2008 that Globrix has listed several hundred of its private seller’s properties without the web sites permission. In November 2009 Globrix become aware of the situation and have promptly banned The Little House Companies properties from Globrix property search engines.

The Little House Company were the pioneers of partner network property advertising in the UK.  They were the first private sales company to develop and operate partnerships with Rightmove & Propertyfinder (2001-2006) and FISH4. Since then all the major UK portals have banned the Little House Company from listings its private sellers homes insisting that there businesses are strictly for estate agents only.

Nicholas Marr Company Director The Little House Company

“Globrix listed our properties without permission and provided us with a steady flow clients for over a year. These were mainly from consumers selling their own homes who thought our DIY model was an excellent way of saving on an agent’s commission. We are met by what appears to be restrictive practices not only from property websites but from software companies, for sale board companies’ web design companies to name but a few. In fact any business that has a relationship with estate agents close the door firmly on us in fear of losing business from estate agents. The Little House Company is not Anti Agent we are about offering an alternative and providing consumer choice. Consumers have got to ask what are these huge organisations like Globrix, Rightmove and The Digital Marketing Group really frightened about with our business model?”

Earlier this year The Little House Company was asked to contribute to an Office of Fair Trading report about the Housing market. In its report to the OFT The Little House Company sited correspondence from all major portals confirming the banning of its listings from their databases.

The Little House Company recommend that people buying property should search both estate agent only web sites and private sales web sites to ensure they have not missed out on a bargain. The Web site states that many of its private sellers are able to price their homes lower as they do not factor in an agent’s fees into the asking price.

The most expensive property listed with the private sales Web site is 5 million pound home in Essex here the owner stands to save £87,500 in fees if sold
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