Millionaire Row London The Most Expensive House Sale

London has seemingly been immune to house price falls with overseas property buyers from China, Russia and the Middle East keeping prices up. One street in London is a prime example with terraced homes going for up to £60 million pounds.   

These millionaire homes are located in Cornwall Terrace, in London's Regent's Park.  

The row of houses are all up for sale and consists of eight double-fronted mansions, each with a value of between £29 and £60million. The total value of this sale is about £400 million making this one of the most expensive places to live in the world.

The largest property, to be sold next year, also has its own ballroom and swimming pool complex. 

The first two properties have been put on the market for £29 and £39million. The remaining six properties will be marketed next year with one unidentified mansion expected to cost £60 million. 

Despite the high price of each property, and a cost of up to £2.5million in stamp duty, Cornwall Terrace is in the City of Westminster, where residents pay the capital's second lowest council tax rates. Estate agents are also set to make a fortune in commission on sale. 

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