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Selling your own home privately saves money

The Little House Company has been helping private home sellers sell their homes since 2000 we are one the UK's most established private sales websites for selling your home without an estate agent . All the answers to selling your on home will be found on our website.

It takes a few minutes to list your property with us and we will send it to numerous property websites to ensure your property advert receives great exposure. Some people say we are the Rightmove for homeowners selling directly.

No commission , no hassle and you stand to save thousands in agents fees.

Sell property privately no agent
Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any hidden costs when selling a property with The Little House Company?


The Little House company Private House Sales service costs start from £29.99

There is no commission and nothing to pay when the property is sold a great way to sell your house flat or, cottage.



What if I'm already using an estate agent to sell my home?


Online home advertising or private newspaper advertising does not automatically affect the most common form of agents contract (Sole Agency).

You could save a great deal and multiply your chances of selling your home quickly by advertising privately. It does depend on the precise terms of your agent's contract which you should check carefully. A "Sole Selling Rights" contract would allow the agent to charge you commission whoever you sell to, even if they don't introduce the buyer. 

Learn more Sole Agency and selling privately



What are my rights with 'Sole Agency'?


Most people don't realise that appointing a 'Sole Agent' does not take away your right to sell the property privately. Your agent is entitled to commission only if they sell your property, or if a buyer is introduced by another estate agent during the period of their sole agency. There are some very simple steps you can take to avoid confusion with your agents by agreeing the terms of private sales in advance. 




Should I tell my estate agent that I am selling my house privately?


It's a good idea. We recommend that you agree with an estate agent in advance that they can't charge commission if you sell privately and have this written into the terms of your agency contract. This avoids any misunderstanding over commission at a later date and it will also serve to focus your agents mind on marketing your property more aggressively.




Can I sell my house without an Estate Agent?


Yes, of course.

Estate agents can take some of the running around off your hands, offering advice, acting as a go-between for you and your potential buyer(s). They may offer a number of benefits to the selling process such as:

advertising the property for sale

arranging appointments for visits

following up buyers to obtain 'feedback'

advice on valuation

creation of the property descriptive details

collation (from you) of relevant documentation

receiving and forwarding offers

selling mortgages, insurance, legal or other services

holding pre-contract deposits (sometimes paid by the buyer)

communicating with your solicitor /conveyancer

keeping tabs on the progress of exchange of contracts

advising on the status of 'chains'

holding the house keys on completion date.

But do you really NEED someone else to provide these services? Remember, the law does not require ANY OF THESE FUNCTIONS to be carried out by an estate agent or indeed any other professional.

When you accept a buyer's offer, you just pass the details straight to your solicitor, who will do the necessary legal work.

You only need to consider whether the amount you will have to pay an estate agent is worthwhile in relation to what they may save you in time, convenience and personal effort.




Are you like an Estate Agent?


We offer consumers the opportunity to sell property directly by helping put buyers and sellers together directly this service is private house sales where the vendor is responsible for the sale.

We offer a online estate agency service that is much like a traditional estate agent but without commission and a low fixed cost. This service is subject to Estate Agents legislation and provides a more managed sale. You Can learn more about this here:  

Learn more here: Online estate agents





Are Home reports required for Scottish Homes?


From December 1st 2008, Scottish houses marketed for sale need a Home Report. This is a pack of three documents: a Single Survey, an Energy Report and a Property Questionnaire. The Home Report will be made available on request to prospective buyers of the home. This is an initiative led by the Scottish Government and everything you need to know is on this site. You can also visit the official Government site.

See our Scottish Home reports



Do you sell property in all areas in the UK?


Yes. We sell property anywhere in the UK.




Can I update or change my details after they are published on the Web site?



Our easy to use online editing facility provides you with instant access to your own property advertising so that you can amend the published details directly, any time you want, 24 hrs a day.

Change the asking price, update your description, select different contact details - you have direct control, but if you need help with changes, we give you free support and assistance any time you need it.

Amendments are automatically forwarded through our systems to update listings on our partner network (Multi list Package), so you control all your advertising from a single point.




Do I have to pay now?



You have up to 28 days to activate your advertising, but property details will not appear in searches until payment is made for the listing.

Submission of property details on line does not oblige you to proceed with advertising, but unpaid listings are retained for a limited period only (28 days), so let us know if you do not intend to market the property straight away.




When will my property appear on partner sites?


It normally takes just 3-4 working for us to review and process listings onto our partner network , but this may occasionally vary according to systems maintenance and the timing of placing and payment for advertising.

New property listings show immediately on this website.




Any discount for advertising more than one property?


For property developers, builders or indeed anyone with more than one property to advertise for sale, we offer a discounted rate card for multiple listings registered and paid for at the same time.

We can also offer a monthly fixed payment for large numbers of listings
Please contact us to discuss further




How long can I advertise for?


Until your property is sold - there is no time limit on the period of advertising. The price we charge you is fixed at the start of your advertising. There are no surcharges EVER - irrespective of any change in our costs or improvements in the content of our packages or partner network.

You need to keep us informed of developments, particularly if you accept an offer and /or exchange contracts on the property.

We review customer accounts periodically and reserve the right to discontinue the advertising in the event that we have reason to believe the property is no longer for sale.




Why do I need a for sale sign?       Highly recommended!


To cover your local and non-Internet market.

Still one of the most effective means of attracting local buyers is a "for-sale" sign outside the door. Its part of your whole marketing package and you will almost certainly miss out on potential buyers if you don't have one.

We can supply a competitively priced high quality regulation size 'for sale' board, customised to you, displaying your OWN TELEPHONE CONTACT NUMBER and property reference for buyers to easily and quickly locate your details online or call you direct, so that they can decide to view or not - possibly on the same day!  See For Sale Boards here



How do buyers find this Web site?


How did you find it?

The Little House Company is extensively registered with relevant property sites and services and affiliates throughout the UK, all channelling potential buyers to this site.

As new properties are added to our network, buyers registered with any of our major network partners are automatically notified through those services of properties matching their search criteria, as they appear.

Our substantial investment and long experience ensures a high profile in the primary Internet search engines (i.e. Google) for both our customer properties and our service.

The Little House Company enjoys frequent media exposure and has featured as the leading online private sales service on the Tonight with Trevor McDonald current affairs programme "Home Sale DIY", ITV1. Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert on House Selling Tips and BBC Breakfast TV. We are recognised as one of the biggest private sales websites with the Office of Fair Trading who have used us for consultation purposes. Journalist  regular seek comments from us on the private sales market. Read Money Guardian review:




How do I value my property?


See our House Prices page for information on valuations, Land Registry data, what estate agent values mean and how to get a FREE instant independent valuation for your home.




Why do you charge for your service when there are 'free' listing sites?


Nothing worthwhile is truly free, is it? We offer a comprehensive marketing package, which includes freephone helplines, superb individual property presentation and listing on the leading property network in the UK (with our high-value package), backed by immense nationwide marketing campaigns.

We have focused on offering a level of professionalism and quality of service which distinguishes us from our competitors. We have also been around longer than most other private home advertising websites and our experience counts. This is no back-bedroom here-today, gone-tomorrow service.

Our servers offer high security for your personal data and card processing coupled with 24hr monitoring in a dedicated data centre - giving you peace of mind that your details are properly protected.

Developed over 7 years and constantly evolving, our highly engineered, yet fast, easy to use website is one of the best property websites in the UK - beautifully designed, updated automatically minute by minute, guaranteed to keep buyers coming back to view our listings.

Our service is designed to promote your property. You want to reach the largest number of people genuinely interested in viewing your home. We provide the most cost effective means of achieving this.

And you don't get all that for free.




How do I prepare my house for sale?


There are a number of simple steps every homeowner needs to take in order to make the best impression when buyers come to view. Once you have attracted interest in your home from advertising, the viewing becomes one of the most critical points at which a sale can stand or fall.

Our Home Staging page has useful basic pointers and links to relevant services that can assist professionally.




Are my personal details secure?


Our custom anti-spam email masking system protects your email address from misuse or 'harvesting', whilst allowing you to communicate with genuine buyers.

We do NOT share customers' personal details with any other organisations. The Little House Company is registered under the Data Protection Act and we take great care to protect your privacy and personal data. We don't sell mailing lists, we sell homes.

Click here to view our Privacy Policy

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