Three Types of Eco Property


We are finally realizing that our Earth doesn’t have an unlimited supply of fossil fuel, it is getting more and more expensive and it is damaging to the environment. Today it is all about protecting the environment. In Europe, especially in the UK, the eco-friendly home, also known as the "Green" home is becoming increasingly popular. The EcoHomes project was made mandatory for social housing in the United Kingdom in 2003. Over 200,000 homes, both flats and houses have been certified since that time. How does a house need to be constructed to qualify as an Eco Home? It needs to be well insulated and be equipped with energy efficient lighting and natural gas for all heating purposes.


Bognor Regis, UK

The Bognor Regis District Council in West Sussex has been extremely active in the development of Eco villages. One is completed and fully occupied, while a second development is under way. You will find that the Eco Homes in the Westbourne village use exhaust air pumps. This technology uses air ducts to transfer air from warm areas within the eco house to heat up the rest of the house. The bungalow style house also has solar water heating, and a Sedum roof, which looks like moss. Sedum looks nice, insulates well, and is low maintenance. This type of roof reduces energy costs and the amount of carbon emissions emitted. Eco is a great way to push up your home price if you have Bognor Regis property for sale and also makes your home much more salable.


Ashville, USA

A house built of Hemp? We can find one in Ashville, North Carolina in the USA. Believe it or not, but hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials in the world. It combines carbon sequestration with strength, breathability and quick renewability. The material used, Hempcrete, is a mixture of hemp and lime. It has the ability to pull carbon from the atmosphere. The lime content in the mixture calcifies over time strengthening the material. The interior of this house is lined with recycled paper panels and lined with a breathable, natural sheetrock replacement, using organic glue.



In Finland, a log home is the preferred Eco Home. Wooden logs offers great insulation, energy efficiency and the construction material is renewable. Environmentally friendly glue is used in the production of the laminated logs and beams. This glue doesn't contain any poisons; it is safe and doesn't give off any harmful gases to the room air. Only ecologically friendly materials are used. The floor is of natural stones, interior wall materials are made from birch. The indoor fabrics include linen, cotton and wool. No synthetic materials anywhere. Heating is solar powered. Some eco homes use the wind to produce electricity for the home.


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