Why buy property direct from the owner

We have helped thousands of people save money buying and selling property direct without an estate agent. People who buy direct from the owner know that the price they are paying has not been inflated to cater for estate agents commission. Buying and selling property can save both parties a great deal of money what would you do with 2% of your house value?

Buyers Prefer Private Sellers
Some buyers will always search for private house sales over an agents sale as they feel that they will receive greater value for money. A private sale means that two groups of people talk directly about their needs and concerns to get to the best deal possible for both parties.
Ten Reasons To Buy From A Private Seller 
  1. Both parties feel in control of the buying process
  2. Any questions you have about the property can be answered immediately and more fully & accurately by the seller.
  3. You can get a quick decision on any offers that you make.
  4. You can negotiate there and then without dealing with a third party estate agent who may have other interests.
  5. By dealing directly with the vendor you will be able to get quick and accurate updates of the sales process
  6. Saves everyone money
  7. More Convenient
  8. Saves time by dealing directly with the home-owner
  9. Cuts out the middleman who may have interests in selling services such as mortgages and Home Information Packs
  10. Its Easy To do
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